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Welcome! I’m Anne Walsh, also known as The Excel Lady.

In here you’ll find lots of tutorials, hints and tips – for beginners and experts alike.

Everything is designed to help you solve YOUR Excel problems. Much of it comes from questions I get when training people in Excel, so I know it will help!

When you’re unsure how to do something, Excel can feel frustrating – you may have even caught yourself saying you ‘hate’ it!

If you’re ready for me to demystify Excel for you, to help you become proficient in using the functionality you see others using, to (dare I say it) even begin to LIKE using Excel, then let’s get to it!

Start by using the search box to look for something you’d like to know – or feel free to browse the site and soak it all in.

And whenever you have a question, you can get in touch with me directly here.

A photo of Anne Walsh - Excel spreadsheet teacher and author
A photo of Anne Walsh - Excel spreadsheet teacher and author


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Not the edible kind – but definitely easy to consume info about using Excel you can watch while sipping your favourite cuppa!

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