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Instructor Led Training with Anne Walsh

Excel training is what I do and people generally like my style,

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Please note that for 2023 my delivery will ONLY be virtual. If you really want to get a face-to-face trainer – ask and I can usually recommend someone.

However, if you would like…

  • Your training recorded,
  • Have all training materials in a single location,
  • and training that can be fitted into your workday

then read on…

Excel training delivered in 4x 90 minute blocks – training is usually delivered once a week and every session is recorded. This helps with learning absorption “little and often” and allows for review.

Have easy access to training materials on GiraffePad – materials/recordings/resources are uploaded to a platform called GiraffePad. You’ll have access to the material for a year after the start of your course.

Homework is offered after every session – totally voluntary but people have found it really useful. I am happy to give feedback on the homework.

If you would like to have a chat with me about delivering live training (virtual – using Zoom/WebEx or Teams) to your staff – use this link to book an appointment.

In our company we have a lot of people who are self taught, lack confidence in their computer skills so it was important for us to source a trainer who makes our staff feel comfortable enough to ask the questions they may think are silly & someone who has great patience.Anne makes everyone feel so comfortable which is so important especially for beginners who already feel lost in the big bad computer world. Anne always scores top marks in our evaluations & she loves what she does and this is really reflected in the way she teaches. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her…always!
Denise Fahy
Learning & Development, Human Resources, Galway University Hospitals

The main Excel courses I have on offer are:

Excel Introduction – suitable for people who are new to Excel or have just inputted data into an Excel sheet. You can view the syllabus here.

Excel Intermediate – suitable for people who are regularly using Excel and are familiar with the material in the Beginners course. Please note that I usually give an exercise at the beginning of this course to allow me to assess proficiency. Click here to view the syllabus.

Excel Advanced – this is for more experienced users of Excel. See the syllabus here.

PowerBI – Introduction. – See the PowerBI syllabus here.

Power Query – discover how to clean your data with power query. Check out the syllabus here.

PowerBI Training – If you are not sure what PowerBI is – check out this webinar I did for a group of PAs

DIAD (Dashboard in a Day) – this is the Microsoft Official Curriculum but I usually deliver it over 5 x 90 minute sessions – again to help with learning. Click here to see the curriculum.

Take the Lift (18 week programme) – This is my most comprehensive Excel programme yet. This programme takes learners from beginners up to an introduction to PowerBI. View the syllabus here.

The price list for these courses are available on application – click here to email me for details now.

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